Opening ceremony at BBAW

In July 2021 ELDP and ELAR moved to the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. On 8 September 2021 an official opening ceremony will take place to mark the occasion.

In the wake of globalisation and urbanisation, minoritised languages will not survive in many parts of the world. Fewer and fewer children are learning the languages of their ancestors and when the intergenerational transmission is broken the language will dissapear. Half of the approximately 7000 languages spoken worldwide are acutely endangered. Many of these languages have never been recorded and humanity is losing the centuries of accumulated knowledge and wisdom encoded in each and every language. Speaker communities, scholars and activists are stemming the tide by documenting their languages, preserving audiovisual recordings in digital archives and making them accessible globally.

Berlin is becoming a center for the documentation and preservation of endangered languages. The foundation is a major fellowship program funded by the Arcadia Fund over the next 10 years with 21 million Euros: the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP). Together with the Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR) ELDP moved from SOAS in London to the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW). ELDP and ELAR form a cornerstone for the establishment of a Humboldt Language Archive, made possible by generous funding from the German Federal Minister of State for Culture and the Media. Wilhelm von Humboldt’s work started 200 years ago will be continued in Berlin.

The BBAW will celebrate the launch with an opening ceremony on 8 September 2021 at 3pm CEST.
Speakers will include Minister of State Monika Grütters, Director of ELDP and ELAR Mandana Seyfeddinipur, President of the Academy Christoph Markschies and Semitist Shabo Talay.

The event is open to all but prior registration is required. More information is available from the BBAW website.

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