Editing Masterclass by Chouette Films

This week on the ELAR blog, we’d like to share a great resource to help you edit videos for your ELAR collection.

The use of video in language documentation has become standard practice. Several of our depositors have written about the advantages of using video for language documentation and the positive reactions of community members to videos on this blog.

While most videos in ELAR’s collections are unedited footage, many depositors wish to edit videos for the community they work with, for presentations, or as showreels for their collection’s landing page.

However, editing videos can be quite daunting. We are therefore delighted to share that our longterm collaborators Chouette Films have created an editing course using the free digital editing software DaVinci Resolve 17. The course consisting of 22 video classes is part of the Screen Worlds project. It is completely free and suitable for beginners who have no prior editing experience.

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Creating a Database
  2. Managing Media
  3. Subclip Workflow
  4. Cloning Files
  5. Viewing Media
  6. Placing Clips on the Timeline
  7. The Blade Tool
  8. Ease Fade In and Out
  9. The Link/Delink Tool
  10. Viewing the Timeline
  11. Levelling and Normalizing Audio
  12. Adding Sound Effects / Foley
  13. Adding Music
  14. Audio Transitions
  15. Keyframes
  16. Adding Titles
  17. Adding Subtitles
  18. Adding Graphics
  19. Creating Split Screen
  20. Exporting Timelines
  21. Speeding Up DaVinci Resolve
  22. Adding Video Effects

If you’d like to see some of Chouette Films’ work, check out the beautiful spoken word videos they produced with us for UNESCO’s International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019:

For simple edits – such as editing out the beginning or end of a video, or combining several videos – tools like ffmpeg or Quicktime might be sufficient but we encourage you to have a look at Chouette Film’s masterclass for anything beyond that.

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