The Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR) is a digital repository for preserving multimedia collections of endangered languages from all over the world, making them available for future generations.

ELAR’s mission is to:

  • provide a safe long-term repository for language documentation collections
  • train and support depositors in collection creation and preservation
  • make collections accessible free of charge to researchers, communities, and the public
  • support users in discovering and accessing recordings

In ELAR’s collections you can find recordings of every-day conversations, instructions on how to build fish traps or boats, explanations of kinship systems and the use of medicinal plants, and learn about art forms like string figures and sand drawings. ELAR’s collections are unique records of local knowledge systems encoded in their languages, described by the holders of the knowledge themselves. The ELAR Blog allows you to delve into our collections behind the scenes.

Meet some of the faces behind ELAR’s collections

Recent posts

Preparing a Language Documentation Project

On July 15th the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme opened its 2022 grant round. This week on the ELAR blog we’ll…

ELDP 2022 Grant Round now open

The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) is delighted to announce a call for applications for the 2022 grant round. After…

KUSUNDA wins Grand Jury Award at Tribeca 2021

Congratulations to Felix Gaedtke and Gayatri Parameswaran, whose VR experience KUSUNDA has won the Grand Jury Award at the Tribeca…

Arcadia renews ELDP funding for ten years with 21 million Euro

The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) has been renewed for ten years with a 21 million Euro grant from Arcadia….

How materials are preserved at ELAR

This week on the ELAR Blog, we’ll explain how materials are preserved at ELAR, and what you see when you…

Workshop at Wikimedia’s Arctic Knot conference

On the 25 June 2021, ELAR, together with ELPD grantee Joshua Wilbur, will host a workshop at Wikimedia’s Arctic Knot…

QUEST questionnaire – making archival resources accessible to language communities

This week on the ELAR blog, we want to share a questionnaire with you that was developed by members of…

Documentation of Oubi

This week on the ELAR Blog, wildlife veterinarian Jenny Jaffe writes about documenting Oubi in Côte d’Ivoire while researching chimpanzees…

UNTEACH: a Shadow Heroes Festival

We are pleased to announce that ELAR and the SOAS World Languages Institute, together with Shadow Heroes and the Institute…

Community Member Bio: Sara Karami

This week on the ELAR Blog, ELDP grantee Yassaman Choubsaz interviews her research assistant Sara Karami about her collaboration on…

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